Metafile Information Systems, Inc., headquartered in Rochester, MN, is a pioneer in advanced content management solutions. Since 1979, more than 3500 organizations have translated Metafile’s solutions into enterprise-wide value and competitive advantage.

Streamline processes and increase efficiency with MetaViewer document management and accounts payable automation. Experience funding success with ResultsPlus nonprofit constituent relationship management (CRM) solutions. Both are available as installed on-premise or cloud based applications.

Meet your fundraising and outreach goals with the ResultsPlus nonprofit CRM software. Plan your day, interact with constituents and donors, track your dollars, and report your results with one easy tool.

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MetaViewer document management solution offers paperless capture of and access to invoices, purchase orders, and other documents. It automates workflow, eliminates manual data entry and seamlessly integrates with an array of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions.

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